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Blog Bio:
This blog is dedicated to the psychedelic rock lover and all it's related forms, aiming to seek out and interview as many modern-day psychedelists as possible, looking to gain key insights into the working method's of obscure and renowned artists alike. As a musical gear enthusiast myself, I am always seeking to find out the details of how different instruments were recorded, and what gear was used to craft the illustrious tones heard of many psych-rock records. As the blog has grown and developed, it has become more inclined towards what I call 'susurrus' psychedelia; with many sites about reviewing the rich psychedelic revival I see it more than fair game to go in a more defined direction. This susurrus covers a rich pantheon of wild sounds. A focus on the wilderness and the desert, examining folk, jazz, rock, world music, etc. which you may not immediately associate with the word psychedelia (this is the reason for the name Do You Even Psychedelic? - a tongue-in-cheek way of pushing the boundaries of what we consider psychedelic). 

About me:
I founded Do you even psychedelic? in 2013, and try to keep the blog afloat with what is, hopefully, a steady stream of interviews, reviews, and other related articles.

I play several instruments in my spare time, which include guitar, bass, harmonica (blues harp), keyboard, and I hope to increase my instrumental repertoire soon to include drums, and mountain dulcimer. Additionally, when not playing, and writing music, I love watching live music, writing lyrics/poetry, discussing every aspect of music with others, bowling, photography, writing, collecting records, drawing/designing, and travelling. 

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Contact Information:
Email: doyouevenpsychedelic@gmail.com (no music submissions please, as at the moment I am back-logged with submissions)

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  1. The eye jabs is a psychedelic rock band based out of St Louis. Their new album, Songs From the Fourth Dimension is being released on Itunes this week.
    I would describe our sound as a Modern garage rock band. Or formula consists of two guitars, bass, keyboards, drums vocals and harmonies. Think Sci-Fi/60's go go dancers with black and white b-monsters movies as a source of inspiration. But we range from Blues, to rock, to punk, to Electronic music. Think underground garage show on Sirius radio.
    Check us out, we would love to hear about your input on the music.
    Music Videos: www.vimeo.com/theeyejabs

    Thank you.