Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Song Review: The Desert (Has a Place for You) byShapes Have Fangs

Shapes Have Fangs - The Desert (has a place for you)
Album - Dinner in the Dark

Analysis of song:
Released in 2011 by Austin-based rockers, Shapes Have Fangs (which 3 years on are still waiting to receive the same recognition for their talents as similar psychedelic-blues acts, such as Night Beats), this jangly, melodic melt-out is a perfect example of how a song can capture the essence of an environment and make you feel the geography as if it were your own. The presence of both a rhythm player and a lead player on this track, which is almost a rarity in most popular psychedelic rock at the moment, causes the song to hark back to a structure not unfamiliar to something such as 'Run, Run, Run' by the Velvet Underground, the attacking, reverberated lead licks giving structure to the dusty madness of the rhythm section of the song. When combined with the song's video, getting carried away to the sandy destination of the song's namesake isn't hard. Enjoy.

Where to buy:
'The Desert' is taken from The Shape Have Fang's d├ębut LP, Dinner in the Dark, which can be purchased in several formats. The 140g 12" vinyl version of the LP has long been out of print now, but,  you may still be able to find a copy on Ebay or Discogs. A digital copy of the album can still be purchased several internet stores in 320 KBSP MP3 format, and lastly, a cassette version of the full-length can also be found, put out on the band's own label, Trade Gothic Records (limited to 300 pieces). 

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