Friday, 27 March 2015

The Susurrus: Listening Recommendations

After a few months hiatus, I have come back onto the psychedelic writing scene with an article detailing my thoughts on susurrus, wilderness, and what I consider to constitute the truest and rawest psychedelia around. As you may imagine, the article itself is rather abstract and difficult to comprehend at times, so to make the concepts described easier to understand I have compiled a list of a few artists which channel the susurrus below to get you started. Happy listening.

The Drone Accelerator (all albums)

The Myrrors (Arena Negra) 

Kikagaku Moyo (Mammatus Clouds)

Master Musicians of Joujouka (all albums) 

Arbete Och Fritid (specific parts of most material)

Cloud Shepherd (All albums after Mark Pino joins)

Ø+yn (most if not all material) 

Montibus Communitas (all albums)

Pandelindio (all albums)  

The Night Collectors (Voice of the Cicada and Maybe Tomorrow)

Scattered Purgatory (all material)

In coming months I will be attempting to review as many of these as possible. It is also important to note I have already written reviews for two Montibus Communitas records, one Drone Accelerator LP, and a Night Collectors cassette. You can find these in the section of the top bar titled 'Album Reviews'. 

Article written by Daniel Sharman

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