Saturday, 27 July 2013

Band To Watch Out For: The Shine Brothers

I was turned onto this band by none other than thee Craig Fox of The Greenhornes, telling me that 'It's good shit, really good live too', this recommendation from one of my personal musical inspirations was not to be taken lightly and I had soon looked up The Shine Brothers and what they were about. 

The band consists of Nate Ryan, the ex-Black Angels guitarist/bassist(and band which I highly recommend), Nate's brother Colin Ryan, who apparently write much of the material according to Mr.Fox. This picture shows Nate with the now quite popular, Black Angels(far right).

The band also has two other members according to their Bandcamp page, a member called Oakley Munson who is from a band called The Mooney Suzuki and Ryan Rapsys, apparently in 'a load of bands' according to Craig. A picture on the band's page shows three men, two of whom are presumably the Ryan brothers,but also another Black Angel's member, Kyle Hunt the angel's keyboardist and occasional backing guitarist, although his allegiance is not confirmed by any of the bands web sources(second from left in picture above, far left on the picture below).

The band is also apparently signed to Burger Records so be expectant of a digital or physical release in the future. It is rumoured that you can obtain a psychical copy through contacting  one of the members through the group's Facebook page, but this may no longer be available.

As the band releases more material, hopefully more information about them will emerge, shining some light upon the brothers. Until then the music will have to speak for itself.

The band's Bandcamp page describes their sound as 'an alchemic balance of sunshine pop song structures and howling devilish rhythms, crowned by dirty parallel vocal harmonies.' But, that is for you to judge for yourself. My personal favourite is currently 'Silver Knife', which makes me think of a Garage spin on the psychedelic sound of the Black Angels

Stay tuned for future updates about the band.

Useful links until more information is available:

By Dan Sharman, 22:57, 27/07/2013.

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