Thursday, 1 August 2013

Song Review: 13 Cent Killer by Christian Bland and The Revelators

Christian Bland and The Revelators - 13 Cent Killer 
Album - Pig Boat Blues

Analysis of the song:
Released on the 2012 album, Pig Boat Blues, this haunting otherworldly track is one of the many underrated classics currently being produced by The Black Angel's guitarist's side project, The Revelators. This track really is a great example of the darker side to Bland's song-writing, and also his guitar playing, opting for a more sinister, attacking sound and style, one not often heard on his Black Angel's records, where the status quo is primarily airy surf licks and fuzzy blues rock grooves.On top of the way the track's guitar is played, it also gains an indistinct and ethereal quality due to the effects of tremolo, reverb and delay acting upon the guitar itself. This seductively venomous track is surely worthy of the title psychedelic.

Where to buy your own copy:
Pig Boat Blues was available on limited edition, 180g black vinyl, this version of the record included Black and blue screen printed packaging and an insert with artwork by Christian Bland and Rob Fitzpatrick. It was limited to 500 pressings and is now sold out, however a pressing may still be found around the Austin area or online at a site like Discogs or Ebay. In addition to this, the record is now also available again on 140g blue vinyl. Digital copies may also be purchased as well as a numbered cassette edition from the label Burger Records (limited to 300 pieces).

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