Saturday, 10 May 2014

Ride Into The Sun: Interview

After interviewing Aussie psychedelists, The Citradels, recently, I thought I'd interview another Australian psych music outfit to try and expose people to even more of the music that this side of the globe has to offer...

So, guys, who is in the band and who plays what?
There are four of us in the band now, myself (Ant) play guitar and sing, Jordan on bass, Yuk on Drums and Luke on Guitar. We have had a lot of past members, myself now being the only original. Ex members couldn't commit, or we couldn't get along etc, etc.

Where do you guys hail from?
We are in little old Adelaide, South Australia. A great place to write music but makes it harder for touring, you gotta drive or fly a fair distance for other shows. We try to get out of Adelaide as much as we can because Adelaide is small, the problem with Adelaide is that you can over play here which will effect a bands turn out to a show. But is a beautiful city and has a great music scene... A tight music scene.

What guitars were used on the last few albums and singles?
Our most recent single I was using an Eastwood Sidejack Baritone tuned to open C, really nice full sound. Jordan was playing a 76 fender precision Bass. In previous recordings I was using x2 2010 Mexican Fender Telecaster, one set to open D tuning and the other standard, and also Epiphone Sheraton II. Nothing too vintage but with having so many past members we have had lots of guitars come and go. The Eastwood i picked up whilst on tour in the USA, we went guitar and pedal shopping an hour before our set at Austin Psych Fest, so once on stage it was fingers crossed for it to sound nice, it saved me that day and has become my favourite since.Also being

a left handed guitarist it can be hard to find something really nice you know, especially being a small city too, I have to import stuff which means the price can go right up.

What about the amps and effects pedals?
I run a DL4 Line 6 delay modeller, Boss Fuzz, T-Rex Reverb, Line 6 Tremolo, Valco come again? delay for my vocals and a few other gems. Right now Jordan is running a Electro Harmonix English Muff'n.

What about any other instruments used on the albums?
In the past we had been using a Korg MS-20, 60's Vox Teardrop among a bunch of other stuff.

Where was some of the material recorded?
2010, we recorded at Toyland Studios in Melbourne, we did a mini LP there, with Alex Mass (The Black Angels) & Brett Orrison (live sound/producer of The Black Angels) producing us, just one of those life experiences working with the greats in the music world today. Our recent single "Johnny Blossom" was recorded at Twin Earth Studios here in Adelaide, awesome little studio, here we produced the songs ourselves.

What have you learnt after recording music up to this point?
Just keep pushing, keep writing, keep loving, its always a great feeling releasing something new, clean and special but it's greater doing it again and again.

What is next for Ride Into The Sun?
We have some shows coming up here in Australia, couple shows in Adelaide, then Melbourne and Sydney. Then we have plans to hit Europe and see where the wind carries us next.

Do You Even Psychedelic? would like to thank the band for taking the time to do this interview.

Interview conducted by Dan Sharman on 10/03/2014.

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