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Interview and Rig Rundown with Stereo Siberia's Vladimir Stepura!!!

An interview with one of the mind's behind the otherworldly psych-rock powerhouse, Stereo Siberia, Vladimir Stepura

Early in 2014 I caught up with Vladimir to ask him a bit about what the band were doing this year, how they put together some of their latest recording's, and where they plan to go next. Due to Vladimir's Russian heritage I have changed some grammatical inaccuracies(which were few considering the difference between the English, and Russian language), at his request. I will include a full, unedited transcript of the interview at the bottom of the article.

''The Cube Session'' EP

Dan: Would you like to start the interview? 

Vladimir: Right on! Thank you bro Yes, I can give an interview. Online only hardly succeed. I am not a native English speaker. So I hope for your prudent adjustment. Cheers, Vladimir. 

Dan: No problem my man. Just say when you have a free

Vladimir: Yes, I'm ready. 

Dan: So where are you guys located? 

Vladimir: We are located in the northern capital, on the delta of the Neva River. St. Petersburg interesting city with its rich history and atmosphere. Living in it, we get a good experience. Many artists of this city attracts here more than a century. We came from far and mighty Siberian city of Omsk. All of us from Siberia: Vladimir Stepura (guitar), Katya Stepura (vocals), Veronika Fedortsova (drums), Anton Gurievsky (bass). Our first attempts with my wife Katya collect any band in Omsk to no avail. So we decided to put together a new band now living in Petersburg. My sister Veronica started playing the drums. Then we were joined as bassist Anton.

Dan: So, what guitars were you using on this latest album? 

Vladimir: I play the Ibanez Artcore semi-hollow body electric guitar. I Like 13s [Gauge] thick strings for a solid sound, when a strong gain sound is not needed. You just do not be lazy and play with heart. Anton uses some GDR-s no name Precision bass. Unknown to science is the beast. 

Dan: And what amps were used for these guitars?  

Vladimir: In this session we used a Yerasov Bulldozer, and Anton used a Orange AD 200 Bass MK3. Of the pedals I've used, there were several different guitar overdrives, a Boss Digital Delay 6, and a Tremulus Luna Pro Seemann Custom. Anton used a Boss RV, and a Pro Co Rat. 

Dan: And were there any other instruments used on the album? 

Vladimir: Our first EP, we decided to record while playing live. Vocal, guitar, bass and drums. With minimal mixing and overlay effects. Although, the last track "Summer" and hidden track on vocals has imposed tremolo and delay. 

Dan: Where did this latest album get recorded?

Vladimir: It happened at The Cube Studio, which is now closed. Recorded with Pavel Kardakov, a guy too from Omsk, aka Naked Sound.

Vladimir: Do you understand what I write? 

Dan: Just about yeah, ahaha. Lastly, what is next Stereo Siberia? 

Vladimir: We want to release our EP on a label, but most labels only manufacture full Long-players. So, we are composing material for full length. On the other side, we record stuff live too, like "The Cube Session" material to maintain the integrity of the music we create. Next month we will think about some concerts in St. Petersburg. Thanks for the interview. 

Dan: Is there anything else you'd like to say? 

Vladimir: Yes. Thanks to everyone who helped us! Well, cheers, and thankyou! 

Dan: Cheers to you too sir!


Find a link to the band's d├ębut EP, ''The Cube Session'': Here (full album) 

Do You Even Psychedelic? blog would like to thank Vladimir for taking the time to carry out this interview. 

Interview conducted by Daniel Sharman in March, 2014.

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