Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Movements: Interview + Rig rundown on the gear used on Move Like Elephants 2!!!

Recently, Sweden-based band The Movements released their latest LP - 'Move like Elephants 2'. We caught up with the band to talk about where they come from, who they are, and what exactly they put into their latest sonic adventure. 

"So, guys, who is in the band and who plays what?"
"Hello! The band consists of David Henriksson (vocals), Christian "Krita" Johansson (guitar), Gustaf Gimstedt (keyboards), Daniel "Dolly" Petersson (bass) and Thomas Widholm (drums)."

"Where do you guys hail from?"
"Göteborg, Sweden"

"What guitars were used on the album?"
"We´ve used some different guitars, both acoustic as well as electric. But mainly Krita plays on a Fender Jaguar into a Twin Reverb."

"What amps were used on the album?"
"The albums (both part 1 and 2) has been recorded on different studio sessions during two years with some gaps of time in between, so it's hard to know exactly...
But, I think that guitars we´re mainly through the Twin Reverb, though some add-ons might have been on other amps. Studio Music-a-matic where we recorded is a really cool place with loads of classic vintage equipment in store. For the organs we've used a Farfisa amp and sometimes a Lesley.  Only effect pedals used has been distortion, fuzz, delay and wah-wah. Can´t remember which brands unfortunately."

The band working late in 2012.
"What other instruments were used on the album?"
"We´ve used a variety of keyboards, both Farfisa, Philicorda and Hammond. Also some Korg MS10 synthesizer, Wurlitzer electric piano and a Hohner clavinet. And some acoustic piano."

"There are also add-ons such as percussion, violin, recorder and Arabic lute. Plus a guest musician, Anna Brånhede, playing the lap-steel on one song.
And of course bass and drums."

"Where was the album recorded?"
"The albums were recorded in Studio Musicamatic here in Göteborg, produced by Micke Nilsson. Plus some tracks which we recorded ourselves in our own Parkeringshuset Studio."

Inside Musicamatic, Sweden.
"What have you learnt after recording the album?"
We've learned a lot about elephants communicating by telepathy, which is pretty cool! And we've learned that Micke is a fantastic producer, we´re really happy about the sound-scape on both of the albums."

"What is next for The Movements?"
"Plan now is to tour as much as possible on the albums and to become more like elephants, bit by bit, day by day."

"Thanks for the taking the time to do the interview guys!"

Find out more about The Movement's latest LP: 'Like Elephants 2' here.

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Interview conducted by Dan Sharman on 22/03/2014.


  1. 'Like Elephants 1 & 2' will be out in the U.S. this May, together on wax, from Sunrise Ocean Bender Records // sunriseoceanbender.com